New Diary Software Can Help You to Keep Better Organized.

Пресса: Advanced Diary

Издатель: CSoftLab

If you are looking for a diary software which has everything you need and more, then you can"t go wrong with Advanced Diary, a fully featured package. The program is ideal for anyone who wants to write down their private thoughts or keep a journal or a log of daily events and interesting ideas. It"s especially great for travelers because it can be installed on a USB Flash drive and accessed on any computer wherever you are in order to add a new record or edit an old one. The application has a welcoming interface and you can quickly start your first diary. This journal software is unique in that it allows you to store multiple diaries in a single database file for added convenience. Multiple entries can be made for the same day and rich text formatting is fully supported. Images, tables and diagrams can also be added to entries along with file attachments and hyperlinks to websites, locally stored files or other entries in the database are also supported. You can also protect your databases with a password, and even share your information with your friends or colleagues on a network!. But Advanced Diary is not all about text. It"s a sound diary too. Instead of typing, you can speak to the microphone and Advanced Diary will record your voice and attach it to a diary. To find out more, pay a visit to the company"s website at where you can also download a free trial version.