Fast updates with Agnitum's Outpost 6.7.3 -- on the road to 2010 security

Пресса: Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro

Издатель: Agnitum, Ltd.

Fast updates with Agnitum"s Outpost 6.7.3 -- on the road to 2010 security ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, February 10, 2010: The security experts at Agnitum, developers of the Outpost Pro line of computer security products, are pleased to announce the latest versions of Outpost Firewall Pro, Outpost Security Suite Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro 2009 -- 6.7.3. This release is yet another step in the company"s ongoing product improvement process that, combined with beneficial new functionality, will lead to the launch of Outpost Pro 2010 later this year. With this release Agnitum introduces daily updates of Outpost installation packages, which means regular incorporation of new malware and rule databases into Outpost. During the workday, these bases come embedded into the installation package and downloadable from the web-site. To sum up, the improvements ensure: - Increased frequency of malware database updates: updates are now delivered three times a day (minimum) on weekdays - Anti-Malware engine now gets auto-updated through regular malware database updates, meaning that for receiving new features and fixes no separate product update is needed It is the result of new internal automation processes in Agnitum"s R&D implemented since 6.7.2 edition. This tweak brings great savings for customers who won"t have to waste time and Internet traffic to constantly download updated bases. Version Outpost 6.7.3 also follows the focus on quality and stability adopted by Agnitum"s development team since the beginning of 2009, which is designed to solve known problems, protect against unknown problems, and deliver greater transparency and ease-of-use in the face of increasingly complex product functionality. "From the outset, Outpost solutions have significantly differed from the majority of security products," says Agnitum"s CTO Maxim Korobtsev. "At this point, it"s crucial to eliminate any remaining inconsistencies and errors from earlier versions in order to move forward towards the new feature-packed Outpost Pro 2010." Besides, it"s worth noting that Outpost was one of the first security solutions to support Windows 7. Outpost first achieved compatibility with Windows7 RC in its 6.7 iteration, which shipped in July 2009. Since then, Outpost antivirus solutions have worked smoothly and securely on all popular Windows operation systems -- Windows XP, 2000 Pro, Server 2003/2008, Vista and Windows7, including the newest service packs. Full-functional 30-day trials of Outpost Pro 6.7.3 solutions are available for download at For more information, please contact: Pavel Goryakin Agnitum Ltd.