New Update of Popular Cursor Creation Tool Offers Enhanced Drawing Capabilities

Пресса: ArtCursors

Издатель: Aha-Soft

Aha-Soft, a leading developer of graphics software announced this month a new major release of its award-winning cursor creation and management tool Aha-Soft ArtCursors v5.28. This innovative solution offers professional and casual graphic artists all tools needed for designing, editing and retouching static and animated Windows cursors as well as managing cursor libraries. Version 5.28 of Aha-Soft ArtCursors features a sufficiently improved image editor that offers graphic artists a number of breakthrough features, including the ability to create cursors with several raster layers. To support the multi-layer feature, a new image format - Icon Project - was introduced. The concept of using layers is very familiar to any artist working with digital imaging software. Layers give you more freedom in using complex graphic tools and creating professionally looking images. This new feature enables Aha-Soft ArtCursors to rival any high-end graphics package. In fact, it is better than any of these high-end tools when you consider creation of cursors and other small graphics. AhaSoft ArtCursors is specifically designed for efficient cursor creation and management and offers a variety of features that cannot be found in standard graphics applications. Among those features is the ability to import cursors from executables, image and library files and the search and extract function that enables busy artists scan through the contents of a folder or a drive and arrange all images found in any files into a single cursor library for easy and effective management. ArtCursors is equipped with all essential drawing tools including various kinds of airbrushes, pencils and paintbrushes as well as miscellaneous text, line and shape tools. The software is equally well equipped in the effects department and offers a variety of solid, patterned and gradient flood fills, drop shadow, smooth, color modification and other effects. The native Windows icon format support enables artists to create 32-bit cursors with 8-bit alpha channels. What"s New Other new features in version 5.28 include the ability to create, edit and import large images, support for export and import of transparent PNG images, ability to export cursor libraries to single 32-bit bitmap images, new flood fill patterns and effects, and more. The program is fully compatible with 64-bit Windows OS including Windows 10. About the Publisher Based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Aha-Soft manufactures award-winning image processing software for professional and amateur graphic artists. The company"s award-winning line of icon and cursor tools features innovative software designs to set new standards. This privately owned company was founded in 2000 and is off to a phenomenal start, receiving high praise from the industry experts and numerous accolades from online and print media, including Editor"s Picks from ZDNet, WebAttack and SoftMag.