Automation Anywhere Doubles 3rd Quarter Sales

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Automation Anywhere (, a global leader in automation software, today announced the results of its best quarter for sales in its 8 year history. "Looking at our existing sales pipeline and our market differentiators, we expect our hockey stick growth to continue," said Mihir Shukla, co-founder and CEO of Automation Anywhere. "Our international traction in Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium sized business shows that the market is ready for the next generation of automation and testing tools. We have been pleased to see our product innovation drive business with customers who have used other automation solutions in the past but find it worth switching to Automation Anywhere." Recent Growth Highlights include: - 100% revenue growth in revenues compared to Q3 2009. - 50% increase in staff. - Reduces development and modification times with constant access to live objects - A new and expanded development center in India. - Sales continue to happen globally especially in North America, Asia and Europe. - Continued growth of Automation Anywhere and Testing Anywhere product lines. - Continued growth in partner network Key Advancements in 2010 include: - Launch of Testing 6.5 and Object Avatar -- Testing Anywhere"s Object Avatar is a new object-based testing tool that significantly reduces development and modification time. This approach means users don"t have to re-record test cases with each object change and there is no need to access a live application to create or modify test cases. - Release of Automation Anywhere 6.5 Server Edition -- The most recent edition of Automation Anywhere 6.5 Server Edition includes improved web services integration, better management of complex environments and XML integration. Increased Visibility: - Redmond Magazine Product Review: Automation Anywhere received 9.6 out of 10 stars and reported: "There"s one underlying, fundamental truth in IT: Those that run networks are overworked. Thankfully, network-automation products like Automation Anywhere Server make life easier by automating complex or repetitive tasks." Brien Posey, Redmond Magazine - SD Times: One of the leading application developer publications covered Automation Anywhere"s launch of Testing Anywhere"s Avatar functionality, reporting: "The tool automatically identifies new screens and objects (or only picks up objects specified by the user) from a live application, which are then captured in a test case and placed into Testing Anywhere"s repository. The live application is essentially virtualized, forming the "Avatar" for the identification and modification of objects." - Windows IT Pro: Windows IT Pro gave Automation Anywhere a positive review, reporting: "Automation Anywhere Enterprise is a full-featured, multi-environment workflow automation tool with an extensive set of task templates."