EULA: AzDGDatingPlatinum

Продвинутый PHP&MySQL скрипт знакомств

Программы: AzDGDatingPlatinum

AzDGDatingPlatinum License

Please read carefully the information below:

You have purchased a license to use 1(one) copy of AzDGDatingPlatinum script
on 1 (one) server (domain name).
You are not allowed to install and run more than 1 copy of this program 
at any time. You are not allowed to copy, distribute, share or let other 
users do the same and violate our terms and conditions.

You are responsible for the sole use of this license.
If you licensed copy has become a subject of illegal violation your legitimate 
license can be terminated and you program can stop function properly. If this 
happens we will not be responsible for any loss of profits or damages that you 
might have suffered as a result of this program malfunction or loss of information. 

The program has a potential facility to detect the running of illegal copies or
unlicensed versions. If this happens we are informing by e-mail the owner of the 
original license and the owner of the illegal licence regarding the same. 
We are giving 14 days notice to make a full payment for the unlicensed copy 
or terminate the use of illegal copy. Failure to do so will result in termination 
of the purchased license, which may result in loss of your data related to this 
script or its malfunction. We are asking you again to observe our terms and 
If you are interested in purchasing multi license or want to use more than 1 copy,
please contact us at

Installation and use of this program constitutes your acceptance of	 
our terms and conditions and your liability not to violate them. 	

Please note: 
That any alterations to the original code of the program, including 
modifications, translations, improvements, adding new features, etc will be 
conducted purely on your own risk without any liability from
to fix it if the program stops function properly. No technical support will be 
provided whatsoever. 

This PHP script is a copyright of Azerbaijan Development Group