4dots Software Launches Batch HTML Validator Tool

Пресса: Batch HTML Validator

Издатель: 4dots Software

4dots Software Launches Batch HTML Validator Tool (London, June 3, 2017) - Building websites may have become easier than ever, but the harder challenge of ensuring that the HTML and other codes are free of errors still remains a time consuming chore. To make the process simpler, 4Dots Software has now launched a new tool to validate the underlying code. The batch HTML validator checks HTML, XHTML and HTML5 code. The tool uses the trusted W3C validator locally and any errors found are highlighted in an editor, making it easier to browse and correct errors. The tool can be used on websites and to check the markup validity of URLs. The website code validator tool is essential for anyone who wishes to save on valuable time and money. The tool offers several additional features, such as searching for an unlimited number of URLs and files to quickly fix errors and improve search engine optimization. A report file can also be generated for use later. The W3C validator is used locally without accessing the main website. To make validation even simpler, the tool allows importing a list of URLs or files from a text file, Excel sheet, CSV file or an XML sitemap, apart from manual search. The batch HTML validator tool is multi-lingual with support for 39 languages. 4Dots Software is at the forefront of developing tools and software that are innovative, time saving and cover a range of domains such as videos, audio, file management, graphics and web design. So far, it has developed over 30 free software and 4 online tools. The HTML validator is now available online, and the application can be downloaded from the 4dots Software website. The tool supports Windows XP to Windows 10, including 32 and 64 bit versions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About 4Dots Software 4dots Software was founded in 2008. Since then we are devoted to providing innovative and efficient software applications. We have developed more than thirty free software applications in the areas of video, audio, pdf, password recovery, file management, graphics, web design, system, desktop, and localization software. To know more, please visit: www.4dots-software.com Product catalog: http://www.4dots-software.com/downloads/4dots-Software-PRODUCT-CATALOG.pdf Download link: http://www.4dots-software.com/downloads/BatchHTMLValidatorSetup.exe For media inquiries: Alexander Triantafyllou Email: info@4dots-software.com Website: http://www.4dots-software.com

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