New Release of Software Helps to Protect Your Sensitive Data in an Encrypted Database

Пресса: Crypt o

Издатель: Soft-o

Helping you to organize and securely store all of your valuable information, Crypt-o is a safe and secure Client/Server solution for your company. The network password manager can secure any type of sensitive information including login and password details, financial details and documents containing important data. The software allows you to create customized databases which are to be used in company networks. Data is stored in the most reliable way, in Firebird SQL Server databases and encrypted using the most advanced AES encryption algorithm. The software"s client applications access the server component via a secure SSL connection. The server application may be connected via any Internet connection or just over a company network. It also uses a highly versatile system for managing user account permissions, letting the administrator set user privileges and restrictions. Administrators can also easily access every feature of the program such as the databases it uses and the individual records. Additionally, all user actions are recorded in the program"s audit log. Users with the appropriate access rights can use this to monitor how the program is being used. The software can also automatically fill in registration forms and logon forms on the web. These features support most of the common Windows programs as well as popular browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Netscape. There is also a portable version of the software available, allowing users to run it from any removable storage device. This means you can access your data on a computer which is not connected to the Internet or the network. To find out more or to download the software, visit