Final Release of DACs with Delphi 2009 and Free Pascal Support!

Пресса: Data Access Components for MySQL

Издатель: Devart

The final release of DACs with long-expected support for new development tools and extended functionality is available. Current final version supports Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009, Free Pascal, and Lazarus. Now DACs work with such CodeGear IDEs as Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009, and provide ability of working with generics and anonymous methods, new VCL controls, new DataSnap features to users for easier and more efficient development. New DACs extended Unicode support lets you fully enjoy Database Servers abilities for Unicode application development. Moreover, the Unicode support in Delphi 2007, C++Builder 2007, and CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 was extended. For example, now you can use Unicode characters in such properties as SQL, TableName, StoredProcName, and others. Developers who are keen on changing their application platform can evaluate DACs Free Pascal (currently for Win32 only) support. The Lazarus users will find packages for installation and fully supported our powerful design-time editors. Also the latest DACs will please you with the new Help. We have provided easier-to-use, enhanced Help with improved structure, index, and design. You will find looking for answers to the questions that may occur as easy as never before.