ECTcamera Released Under Freeware License

Пресса: ECTcamera

Издатель: EyeComTec (LAZgroup S.A.)

Geneva, 2015 - EyeComTec Releases Updated Version of ECTcamera Application. Portable, Light, Free (Released Under Freeware License) But Effective Web Camera Software, ECTcamera Provides Customizations And Configurations For Web Cams EyeComTec is a group of professional developers that creates software and releases programs including the ECTcamera. This group of developers creates Alternative and Augmentative Communication software and programs to help individuals who are suffering from impaired mobility and paralysis to communicate with ease. Developers are striving hard to work on this project to be able to publish a reliable product that paralyzed individuals can take full advantage of. The budget eye tracker is the ultimate creation that allows individuals to communicate through eye-blinking. The final product of EyeComTec is in fact a complex of three programs that work together to be able to facilitate a single reliable function. The Camera Player plus the Eye Tracker and Virtual Keyboard have been the product of their professionalism, hard work, and expertise. EyeComTec has adopted the power of technology and innovation to be able to develop a product that will greatly benefit individuals most especially the paralyzed ones. The updated version of the exclusive ECTcamera is now available for download. This is a freeware application allowing users to select video source and its position, scale, and resolution on the screen. The ECTcamera is portable, light, convenient and easy to use. It requires no installation and makes no changes to system registery. This is a freeware that is recommended for private use. The ECTcamera program is recently published and is now readily available. Interested individuals can download the program at Individuals who like minimalism will definitely find this program reliable and useful. This is also recommended for old computers or for low memory/processor systems. This newly developed program can be of great help for individuals who are finding it hard to communicate due paralysis and impaired mobility. EyeComTec adheres to its mission of developing affordable and effective technology that allows users to communicate easily and exclusively via eye movements. The group focuses on projects that give emphasis on affordability since most of the software and devices offered to physically impaired individuals are expensive. The program is readily available in the market with the aim of providing individuals with the product that they really need at reasonable prices. For more information about EyeComTec and its exclusive programs, feel free to visit their official website at Contacts: Kretov Kirill (Managing Director / System Architect) EyeComTec (LAZgroup SA) Reception: +41225951389 Marketing: +41794822839 Email Address: support(at)eyecomtec(dot)com ###