EyeComTec Announces ECTlistener - Alternative and Augmentative Communication Software for Paralysis

Пресса: ECTlistener

Издатель: EyeComTec (LAZgroup S.A.)

Geneva, 2015 EyeComTec has announced the release of its ECTlistener software, a revolutionary means of communication for those with mild to severe forms of paralysis. The innovative software allows people with severe forms of paralysis to write text by drawing in the air, or by using vocal sounds such as sniffing or breathing loudly. What is the ECTlistener? ECTlistener is an assistive technology program designed to help those with severe paralysis communicate more effectively with others. The software was created and developed by EyeComTec, and is intended to analyze sound signals from any microphone, offering mediated communication for sufferers of impaired mobility. ECTlistener has the ability to work alongside other assistive technology programs, enabling patients to type text letter-by-Ietter using common sounds that they can make through moans, sniffing, coughing or even by breathing loudly. When used in conjunction with EyeComTec"s ECTkeyboard, anyone with mild to severe forms of paralysis can communicate more effectively with their relatives, friends, service or medical staff. EyeComTec believes in offering software that is free for private use and does not require special equipment that can be costly for many patients - ECTlistener is no different. It is currently the only means of mediated communication available that is ready to go straight "out of the box." Offering immediate download functionality, ECTlistener gives patients the ability to communicate within seconds of acquiring the software. With its ease of use, free for private utilizing and simple download process, ECTlistener is one of the most convenient alternatives to other communication systems in the market. Founder of EyeComTec Kirill Kretov said "Our mission is to create a set of affordable communicational solutions immediately available to people from all parts of the globe" (LAZgroup SA). ECTlistener offers users immediate usage, whereas other systems could take weeks for delivery. If the patient has access to a computer and a microphone, they can get started using ECTlistener right away and communicate their needs to others. Advantages of ECTlistener: Download and use in seconds. No special equipment needed; just a microphone and any standard computer Communicate using any oral sound imaginable (ex: sniffing, blowing, drawing-in the air, coughing, loud breathing, moaning) Fully customizable and user-friendly Free for private non-commercial use 100% clean: no adware, no spyware, no malicious third-party applications Supports many different languages Portability and small size of the program. There are no installation or registry changes required Low system requirements guarantee stable work of the program even on computers with low productivity or old models The software is available to download now from the https://eyecomtec.com/909-ECTlistener-Download.htm Contact: https://eyecomtec.com

Source: http://eyecomtec.com/90-ECTlistener