Entensys Corporation

Russian Federation
29 Tereshkovoy str., 415
P: + 7 (383) 330-29-13
Вэбсайт: http://www.entensys.com
Email: softarchive@entensys.com

Entensys is an international security software vendor and a developer of several award-winning Internet connection sharing and firewall products. Entensys' products solve complex security concerns by continually addressing new security threats, as well as increase information protection and ensure corporate IT infrastructure reliability. Entensys offers an extensive range of outstanding information security services for today's organizations, governments, commercial and educational.

Программы разработчика


Доступ в Интернет из локальной сети и антивирусная защита

Windows | 5.3 | 13 July 2010


UTM-решение для доступа в Интернет и обеспечения комплексной защиты

Windows | 6.5 | 19 March 2015