EULA: Hauberk Cleaner

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Программы: Hauberk Cleaner

CoLicense contract with the end-user of the software 
product Hauberk Cleaner application (hereinafter - “Contract”)

Before installation, copying or other usage of the purchased product Hauberk Cleaner learn attentively the underlying.


1.This Contract is set up with any individual person or legal entity, who install, copy as well as use in any different way the Program (hereinafter - “End user”), on the one part, and Hauberk GMBH, which is the rightholder of the Program sole right (hereinafter - “Rightholder”), on the other part.

2.While installing the Program on the personal computer, copying or using it in any different way, the End user confirms to have read this Contract in corpore, and to understand the terms of the Contract, he agrees completely and unconditionally without any exceptions and restrictions to terms of the Contract.

1.This Contract is considered to be set up, and its terms are considered to be agreed by the End user from the moment of pressing the button “YES” which is near the assertion “I agree to terms of the Contract” during the first Program startup.

In case you do not agree to terms of this Contract press the button “NO” which is near the assertion “I agree to terms of the Contract” during the first Program startup and do not install the Program.

2.When the End user confirms the agreement to terms of the Contract, he also admits that this Contract operates like any other written contract, which is set up by the End user.

3.It is an indefinite-term contract and is valid for the whole time of the activity of the author's rights.

This Contract is ceased in case of breach of the Contract by the End user. Meanwhile the End user is obliged to delete all the copies of the Program he has and related to the Program documentation.

3.This Contract sets the order and the terms of usage of the program for the computer  Hauberk Cleaner (hereinafter - “Program”).

1.It is allowed any usage of the Program only on terms set by this Contract. The End user has the right to use the Program only in case of full acceptance of the Contract terms. The usage of the Program with the breach (non-compliance) of any of the Contract terms is forbidden.

2.The usage of the Program is carried out on the onerous base exclusively for payment. The Rightholder sets the cost of the Program usage and it can be changed according to the country where the Program is used and to the currency, used in the calculation.

3.The usage of the Program on terms and by methods that are not considered by the Contract is possible only on the basis of individual agreement with the Rightholder.


1.The current legislation of Germany, international contracts and agreements and also the legislation of the country of purchase and usage of the Program defend Program rights.

2.Applicable law. The current legislation of Germany is applied in relation to this Contract.

1.In case the End user is the legal entity or sole trader, all the disputes implied from this Contract are to be solved according to the legislation of Federal Republic of Germany. 

2.In case the End user is the individual person, all the disputes implied from this Contract are to be solved according to the legislation of Federal Republic of Germany.

3.The Rightholder has the sole right for the Program.

4.According to the terms of this Contract the Rightholder for payment concedes the End user the non-transferable right to use the Program in the following ways:

1.It is allowed to install, activate and use the Program for one workstation  only on one computer; such a Program can be used only by one End user.

2.It is allowed to install, activate and use the Program for several workstations by several End users. While this number of End users should correspond to the number of computers on which the Program is installed.

It is forbidden to install, display, to give the public access or use the Program on computers which are not reckoned among authorized workstations.

5.The End user doesn't have the right to give the Program or its components for installation to the third party. While giving the Program or its components for installation to the third party, the End user breaches this Contract and forfeits the right to use the Program and to receive technical support for it.

6.This Contract doesn't concede the End user any right for trademarks, which belong to the Rightholder.

7.The Rightholder preserves all the rights, which are not conceded to the End user with this Contract.

8.The user doesn't have the right to change, to decompile (to convert the object code into source code), to unassembled, to decode and to make any other operation with the object code of the Program, which is aimed at receiving information about realization of algorithms used in Program, to create derivative works with the usage of the Program, and also to carry out (to allow to carry out) other usage of the Program without written agreement of the Rightholder. 

9.The End user doesn't have the right to modify, to adapt or translate the Program, including to make changes in the object code of the programs or their databases, except for those changes which are made by means included in the Program files and are described in the documentation.

10.The Rightholder preserves all the sole rights for the multimedia files (including any graphic drawings, photos, texts, animated images, audio- and videocomponents, music, included in the Program), which can be given with the Program.

11.The End user doesn't have the right to distribute the Program.


1.The End user agrees that the Program can be provided with the means of protection from unauthorized copying or/and using.

1.The End user is obliged to comply the requirements of such means of protection and doesn't have the right to go beyond them or to try to go beyond them.

2.The installation of the Program and the End user's system scanning for errors is free of charge. Further usage of the Program including correction of found errors requires the introduction of the activation key. 

1.The Rightholder gives for payment the activation key to the End user and the activation key is the exclusive domain of the Rightholder.

2.The End user is obliged not to disclose the information about the activation key to third parties and take all possible measures to preserve the security of the activation key.

3.The Program can check the authenticity of the activation key using installed internet connection. While this The Program sends the Rightholder the information which is only related to the activation key.

During the activation no personal data of the End user is informed and the complete anonymity is maintained.


1.The Program is given on terms “as is”.

2.The Rightholder doesn't guarantee anything related to the error-free and troubleproof work of the Program, correspondence of the Program to End user's concrete aims and hopes, doesn't guarantee that the Program will work properly while using it with software and hardware of other producers, also doesn't give any other guarantees, directly mentioned in this Contract. All the risks related to the quality of work and productivity of the Program are laid on the End user.

3.The End user realizes and admits that the work of the Program is connected with usage and transmission of data through communications network and that there is a threat of data privacy and integrity.   

1.The End user is responsible for risks related to data transmission by the Program.

4.In case the Program is delivered on material objects, the Rightholder guarantees the quality of the objects, included in the Program suite and their availability, on terms of proper usage of Program, during 90 days from the day of delivering and purchasing of the Program.

In case the material object has a defect the Rightholder can change the defective object or compensate its cost.

5.In case the End user purchased the Program through internet the Rightholder doesn't give the End user any printed materials, including user guide.


1.The Contract applies to all future updates / new Program versions. While admitting the installation of update / new Program version, the End user admits the terms of the Contract for appropriate updated / new Program versions, if update / installation of new Program version doesn't accompanied with the other license contract.

2.The Rightholder can change this Contract unilaterally. Notification for users about changes of terms of this License is published on the page:  The mentioned changes of terms of license contract take into force from the date of their publishing, if the other isn't mentioned in appropriate publication.

3.In case any part of this Contract is found to lose legal effect and isn't due to be carried out, the other parts of the Contract preserve the legal effect and are due to be carried out. Under no circumstances could this Contract infringe legal rights of users. 

6. Refund policy
6.1 If you are not satisfied with any software purchased from the, contact us within 30 days of your purchase to receive a refund. Refunds requested more than 30 days after your initial purchase
date will not be issued unless the transaction was subject to a fraudulent purchase.
6.2 If you are issued a refund, it should appear on your credit card statement within 48 hours. Upon
receiving your refund you must uninstall or stop using the software products you have asked a refund for.
6.3 This Refund Policy applies only to software purchased directly from If your software
was purchased through a 3rd party, it must be returned to the 3rd party and is subject to the return
policies of that vendor.
6.4 If you have any questions regarding this Refund Policy please do not hesitate to contact our support
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