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Torstr. 177
Вэбсайт: http://hauberk.de
Email: mail@hauberk.de

Who we are? The heart of the Hauberk company is the experienced specialists from Germany, Latvia and Russia. Each specialist carries out the tasks with utmost responsibility, and that is the key to success. What we do? The main direction of our company is to create effective software to protect and optimize personal computers. We try to satisfy existing needs of users, using our great experience and innovative development practices to create programs. Our specialists like their work and develop useful programs that are easy to use.

Программы разработчика


Программа, которая чистит, оптимизирует и ускоряет Windows до 30%!

Windows | | 28 February 2013


Полный контроль за ребенком в интернете!

Windows | 1.0.1144.872 | 18 April 2013