FSPro Labs updates Hide Folders software

Пресса: Hide Folders

Издатель: FSPro Labs

FSPro Labs updates Hide Folders software Sept 3, 2015 - FSPro Labs today announced a new version of Hide Folders – a software enabling to protect private information in Windows operating systems. Hide Folders 5.3 protects files and folders on local disks and makes them inaccessible and invisible. New release fixes compatibility issues with some third-party antiviruses (e.g. McAfee) and provides a better look-and-feel on Windows 10 operating system. Hide Folders can easily protect unlimited number of folders and files on a PC at the same time. The user can protect any object with one of the following protected methods: “Hide & Lock" - Protected files or folders will not be visible to a user and it will be impossible to access them. This method is most popular. “Hide" – the protected file or folder is invisible to a user; however, it still can be accessed if a user knows the full path to the object. This feature is essential if a user wants to hide application folders, but allow running applications from these folders. It is even possible to hide the Hide Folders application folder itself using Hide method. “Lock" - Protected files or folders will be visible but inaccessible. This method is similar to what you can do with NTFS access control features. “Read only" – Protected files and folders are accessible, but no modifications to them are allowed. “Unprotect" – Files and folders remain unprotected. Key features of Hide Folders 5 at glance: - Immediate data protection regardless of the size and number of the files; - 4 protected modes available: Hide, Lock, Hide&Lock and Read Only; - Password protection to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private data; - File masks support (wildcards); - No modifications of the file system structure; - Trusted processes (applications processes which are permitted to access the protected data); - Protection in Windows safe mode; - Support of hotkeys and command line; - Different wipe tracks options. - Multilingual, easy-to-use interface with a variety of visual styles. Links: Product page: http://fspro.net/hide-folders/ Download link: http://fspro.net/download/distr/hf5_setup.zip Company website: http://fspro.net Program screenshot: http://fspro.net/hide-folders/img/hf5-screenshot.png Pricing and Availability: Hide Folders 5 is compatible with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The price starts from 39.95 USD for a single-computer license. The evaluation version is provided free of charge. Company: Founded in 2000, FSPro Labs is a software development company specializing in information security solutions for home users and businesses. The major products of the company are Event Log Explorer, Hide Folders, Hide Folder Ext, My Lockbox.

Source: http://fspro.net/pr/2014-10-28-hide-folders-5.html