IISKeeper - ISAPI protection filter 2.2

Пресса: IISKeeper

Издатель: Metamatica Software

Metamatica Software has announced the immediate availability of IISKeeper - ISAPI protection filter 2.2. Priced at only $159.50, IISKeeper will enable the owners of web resources to restrict access to directories (subdirectories and files) on a web server, granting access on per-user basis only when a valid password is provided. The filter will come in handy for those who plan to organize a site with paid content, or want some content on a site to be accessed only by registered users or members of a club. With IISKeeper in place, there is no need to create Windows user accounts, because the database of users who have access to the protected resources doesn"t depend on the list of system users. The filter supports calculation of traffic consumed by the user for each protected resource and blocks access automatically when the time or traffic limit for a resource is exceeded. The user validation can be performed through BASIC or Cookie authorization. For the Cookie authorization mode, the IISKeeper"s distribution package contains templates of login forms where the user enters username and password. Such a form can be easily embedded into a website. In doing this users, can take advantage of an ASP script from the installation package, which enables quick embedding into the existing design. Some other important features in IISKeeper include protection via HTTPS protocol, which allows you to encrypt information, including authentication data. The filter has an attack protection against the attempts to guess the password. The IP address of the client, not authenticated after a specified number of bad logins, is locked for a specified period of time. Another good thing about IISKeeper is that it does not require reloading when some settings have been modified. Instead it picks up all changes on the fly. IISKeeper is easy to use and requires no programming, or web development experience. Its installation and configuration takes less than one minute. Complete control of all filter settings is available through a web interface, which is included into the installation package. Please, explore the IISKeeper"s website at to find out more details about the product. Or, you can download its evaluation copy for a free test-drive. Pricing and Availability IISKeeper - ISAPI protection filter is designed for IIS - Microsoft Internet Information Service, including IIS 4, 5, 6, 7, and supports Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation, 2000 Server, XP Pro, 2003 Server. A single server license costs $159.50 (US). For other types of licenses and pricing options, please refer to . Registered users are entitled to a fully-functional, unrestricted copy of the product, free minor updates and considerable discounts on major upgrades. Additional information on IISKeeper, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from .