EULA: IT Invent

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Программы: IT Invent

IT Invent. Copyright © 2006-2018 YuKoSoft.

License agreement

	This license agreement consists between the end user (you) and the Author of software product IT Invent. Establishing, copying or otherwise using this software product you, anyhow, accept conditions of this agreement. Otherwise you have not the right to use the given software and should remove it! 

	The given program extends as is conditional-free-of-charge (shareware). You can establish this program and take advantage of her for acquaintance with opportunities of the program. Upon termination of the test period (30 days) you should either register the program, or remove it. 

	Cost of registration depends on type of the license (Simple, Extended, Professional and Full). The registration code on the basis of the registration data received from them is sent the registered users.

ATTENTION! This program is delivered " as is " (as is). You use this program at own risk. The author does not guarantee an obligatory correctness of work of the program and data deduced by her. The author does not bear what responsibility for possible damage (material or moral) caused by the program and what other damage at use or misuse of this program.

You can freely distribute the test version (Demo) programs, not bringing what or changes in a code and a complete set of the program. You have not the right to decompile the program, to open technology or otherwise to influence the program. To distribute registration keys, etc. This penal act which is pursued under the law! You have the right to establish and register necessary quantity of spears of the program on corresponding quantity of computers (it is defined by procedure of registration of the program). 

All elements of copyrights (trade marks, names and so forth) the given software product, accompanying printed materials and any copies of software product are the property of the Author or its representatives.

In case of infringement of the given agreement the author reserves the right to itself to suspend its action. For installation and use of the given program you should agree with the aforesaid the agreement.