IvMaiSoft LLC

Russian Federation
Pervomayskaya st.
Вэбсайт: http://www.ivmaisoft.com
Email: contact@ivmaisoft.com

IvMaiSoft LLC is a privately held, software development and consulting company specialized mainly in providing advanced and customized execution environments for Java applications. JCGO, a Java source to C code translator, is the flagship software product developed, licensed and supported by the company. With JCGO you could make your Java applications run faster, consume less system resources, harder to decompile and easier to deploy. Even more, with JCGO you could also make your Java applications run on a wider range of operating systems, computer systems, embedded devices and programmable controllers. Core competency: ahead-of-time (AOT) Java to C code and to native executable translation (compilation); Java VM implementations; memory garbage collector (GC) implementations; Java core class library implementations; Java graphics (GUI) back-ends; serial ports communication in Java (rxtx); ASN.1-based solutions.

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JCGO - транслятор с Java на Си для последующей компиляции в оптимизированный код

Windows | 1.10 | 22 December 2010