EULA: Mosaicers

Создание и решение головоломок

Программы: Mosaicers


Attentively read this agreement before program usage At usage of the program you recognise that have read, have understood and agree with conditions of the given agreement. Otherwise - do not use this program.

The author gives you the non-exclusive licence to test this program in the form of the fact-finding version. You can instal and free of charge use this program in a current of the trial period. Duration of the trial period makes 14 days.

On the termination of the trial period you should or register the program; by acquisition of the appropriate licence for the author or its official representatives. Or - to refuse further usage of the program.


You can have so much original packages of the installation, the given program, how many you will wish. You can extend the trial version of the program on any medium without the permission of the author. Web sites and other Internet resources also can extend it as a file for downloading. In any of the mentioned cases the original package of installation (an instal program file, instead of files installations derivated after the termination) should extend only.


The program is delivered by a principle ""As is"" and can contain errors. The author does not guarantee that the functions containing in this program, will always meet the declared requirements or that program operation will not interrupt because of an error.

The author intentionally refuses all in writing declared and assumed under guarantee certificates, including limitations in application of guarantee certificates after certain period and the validity of a product to sale.

Under no circumstances the author does not carry obligations to the user for any harm, moral, physical or commercial, put by the given program, including the missed profit, loss of the data, a damage of reputation either other side or indirect harm which has occurred because of usage or inability of usage of the given program. Claims on any other property requirements of the user of the program also are not accepted.

At will of the author of a condition of the given licence can vary at release of new versions of the program.


The program is protected by national laws and the international agreements on the copyright. All exclusive copyrights to the program belong to the author.

At program distribution the name of the author, its contact information and the link to a site of the author without fail is underlined