Control Your Company's Printing Using this Powerful Print Manager

Пресса: O K Print Watch

Издатель: O&K Software

O&K Print Watch is the most powerful solution for companies of any size that want to fully optimize and analyze the way the organization"s printers are being used. With a built-in server, you can view detailed print statistics about every job carried out over the network within a browser. You can also use the software to set certain permissions for specific users on the network or even entire groups. You even pause printing jobs remotely. However, it doesn"t stop there, and the power and versatility of this print manager will allow you to use it in a wide variety of different circumstances. For example, you can use the software to create company-wide chargeback plans, setting costs for various different types of printing jobs such as by number of pages printed, quality, color and more. You can also view all of the printing jobs carried out in the form of pictures as well as review highly detailed statistics about the print jobs. To find out more information and to try the trial version for free, pay a visit to the product"s official website at