Outlook Backup Toolbox released

Пресса: Outlook Backup Toolbox

Издатель: Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

Outlook Backup Toolbox released Nowadays e-mail is one of the main channels of information exchange not only for companies, but also for individuals. That is why you can come across very important messages, including those with all kinds of attached documents, in correspondence. Of course, losing them may do a lot of harm. Nevertheless, a lot of things may cause it, from virus attacks to incorrect actions performed by the user. That is why backing up e-mail is a very important issue. Outlook is one of the most popular mail clients at the moment. Its popularity is attributed to the fact that it is included in the distribution package of all Windows operating systems starting from version 95 OSR2. It is absent only in Windows Vista where another mail client is used - Microsoft Mail. So, users quite often encounter the problem of backing up information from Outlook. You can solve it with Outlook Backup Toolbox. Let us see this process in detail. Now you can get down to the backup configuration that is implemented as a convenient step-by-step wizard. To start the process, click the Backup button. In the first step, you should specify the information that will be backed up. A tree with all existing identities (they contain all account settings, folders with correspondence, signatures and message rules) and general information (address book, stationery) is used for that. You can use checkboxes next to each section to select the data that should be backed up. You can select whole branches corresponding to identities or you can expand them and select separate parts: settings, folders with correspondence, signatures and message rules. Application URL: http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/outlook_backup.html Download URL: http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/download/OutlookBackupToolboxInstall.exe Screenshot URL: http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/img/screenshot_rt_o_b_01big.gif Order page: http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/buy_outlook_express.html

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