PC-Fix 2014 - new release of the award-winning repair and optimization utility for Windows.

Пресса: PC FIX 2014

Издатель: PC-FIX.ORG

PC-Fix version 5.0 has been released and available today in English, French, German, Italian and Russian. With new features and recent bug fixes, PC-Fix version 3.0.7 will improve PC stability and performance, prevent crashes and freezes, and boost PC speed faster than it has ever done before. PC-Fix is a winner of over 100 5-star awards from top software download websites including download.com, softpedia.com, etc. This Windows repair application is the best choise when it comes to optimizing the registry to peak performance and stability. Overtime, problems in the registry start to accrue from installing and uninstalling programs which leave behind fragments of stray files, orphaned startup tasks, and corrupted drivers. The registry starts becoming bogged down which can lead to an unstable system running more slowly and crashing more frequently. More than 90% of all Windows systems are damaged by hidden errors that slow down system performance. PC-Fix 3.0.7 new deep scanning feature conducts deep scans of your registry, then repairs and optimizes it for an immediate difference you"ll see when it comes to an increase in speed and a decrease in conflicts. Thanks to the new PC software repair update, cleaning registries are manageable with just a few clicks and scans. PC Fix Cleaner can help clear out multiple gigabytes of hard drive storage space without deleting a single personal file making it the world"s leading PC optimization tool. For a free system scan or free download, visit http://pc-fix.org.

Source: http://pc-fix.org