Soft4Boost Announces New PC Win Booster With Removing Unwanted Toolbars Feature

Пресса: PC Win Booster

Издатель: Sorentio Systems Ltd.

Soft4Boost, a group of highly trained programmers, just introduced a new version of product known as PC Win Booster which helps users of the Windows operating system to make more clean with removing unwanted toolbars for any Windows browser. In addition the core program has been significantly improved and it helps users of the Windows operating system more better to keep the Windows operating system safe. PC Win Booster is a multilingual software program that PC users can install on PCs that run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is designed for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

How PC Win Booster Works

PC Win Booster is compatible with a variety of multimedia programs, antivirus software, and many other programs that are installed on your PC. The program is available as a free download and offers a multilingual interface that is available in English, Danish, French, Russian, Hungarian, German, Spanish, and Italian.

PC Win Booster allows users to perform the following functions:

Remove Unnecessary Files: PC Win Booster allows users to clean out unnecessary files that are leftover after uninstalling software programs or are the result of a malware infection that was removed by antivirus/anti-malware program.

Fix Critical Errors and Vulnerabilities: Scan critical error and vulnerabilities. These errors can arise from the presence of viruses or rootkits.

Remove Unwanted Toolbars: Toolbars are a popular browser extension useful to millions of users. However, users sometimes end up with too many toolbars that are not used or toolbars that won"t uninstall proper way.

Change Program Design: PC Win Booster allows users to change PC Win Booster design. It supports 11 beautiful skins.

Rootkit Scanning, Detection and Removal: PC Win Booster helps user to scan, detect and remove any rootkit that is hidden on PC using special rootkit detection technology.

Registry Maintenance: With PC Win Booster user can safely backup the registry and operating system as well as revert to any changes that have been made to the registry if necessary. User can also restore the registry and system files to the original state before he performs disk cleanup.

Automated Scanning: User can set PC Win Booster to automatically scan PC at a time that he designates even when he is away from PC. User can also select specific file categories for scanning.

PC Win Booster can be downloaded for free from the Soft4Boost website. Once PC Win Booster is installed on PC user simply clicks on the Start menu and choose PC Win Booster from All Programs. Now PC is protected and runs at optimal level. Also, PC Win Booster is a part of package. Register once at and work with all tools from the package.