EULA: PerfectBrain Professional

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Программы: PerfectBrain Professional

License Agreement
for series of PerfectBrain programs

This is an agreement between You (natural or legal person, further 'User') and the program developer (further 'Author') and, thus You are being licensed to use the named Software (further 'program' or 'program software'), which includes any information stored on special data carriers of the Author's web-site, any printed materials or 'built-in' and readable documentation. By installing, copying or using this program in other possible way, You agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement. If not agreed to the conditions of this agreement, You have no legal rights to use this program and you are obliged to return it to the author and be paid back the money you paid for it.
Program license
This program is under protection of international copyright laws and agreements, other laws and contracts regulating copyright terms. The program is licensed and is not sold.
1. License matter
This license provides the following rights:
1.1. Program usage
It is allowed to install this this program or any older version onto one computer. The computer owner, who already installed the program, is allowed to install one more copy for His use only onto a portable computer.
1.2. Storing and usage online 
It is allowed to store, install and run the copy of the copy of the program from public data storing device (online servers). To use this service, each computer with the installed program or running the program from online servers, must buy a licensed copy. This license does not allow mutual or simultaneous usage of the program on different computers in number exceeding mentioned in the p. 1.1.

2. Description of other rights and limitations
2.1. Limitation of technology disclosure, decompiling or disassembly. 
It is allowed to disclose the technology, decompile or disassemble the program if these actions are not allowed by the applicable legislation, despite the limitations of this agreement.
2.2. Diving the program 
The program is licensed as a whole piece. It is not allowed to divide it into components for usage on several computers.
2.3. Lease 
It is not allowed to lease the program for permanent or temporary usage.
2.4. Technical support service 
The author provides technical support service for His software products. 
To contact the Author you must write a letter to His web-site:  or e-mail:
Any additional programs or initial texts, given to You as a result of technical support service must be considered as the program constituents and , thus, fall under the terms of this agreement. Technical information, given to the technical support personnel during conversation, can be used by the Author for his own purposes, including technical support of His programs and development of software. The Author will not use the information if it contains Your personal information.
2.5. Transfer of the program 
It is allowed to yield all the rights by this agreement only when You sell or transfer the computer on condition that You do not keep any copies and give the program (including all the components, carriers and printed materials, any updates, this agreement and authenticity certificates if they are present) and the recipient agrees to follow the terms of this agreement. If the program is an 'update' the transfer must contain all the previous versions of the program.
2.6. Termination of the agreement
Without any circumstances or losses the Author can terminate this agreement if terms or limitations of this agreement are broken, thus, making you destroy all the present copies and the program constituents.

3. Copyright
3.1. All the propriety rights and copyright of the program, photos, animation, video and soundtracks, music and texts, accompanying printed materials and all the copies of the program are possessed by the Author. 
All rights of Author are reserved by the copyright laws and international agreements. Consequently, the program must be taken as any other material protected by the copyright laws, with exceptional right to install the program onto one computer and save the original on condition that it will be used archive material or reserve copy.