Enhance Your Productivity with PerfectBrain

Пресса: PerfectBrain Professional

Издатель: Project PerfectBrain

The ultimate self-improvement tool, PerfectBrain provides everything that you need to learn how to read faster, improve your memory span and enhance your attention to detail. It offers five methods to help perfect your reading skills and over 100 multiple-level exercises to help improve the way your mind works. At the same time, its unified user interface and innovative, intuitive exercises help to minimize the learning curve so that you can start improving your productivity and intellect right from day one. You will be rewarded by complex performance analyses and detailed statistics allowing you to monitor your progress throughout the training program. PerfectBrain also provides a social element, whereby you can upload your achievements to the website at http://pebrain.com and share your progress with others. Customizable and versatile, PerfectBrain is a great solution for just about anyone seeking self-improvement. The main window is fully scalable, allowing you to use it at any screen resolution, and there are multiple colors in the working field. You can also share the program with others, making it the perfect solution for the whole family. PerfectBrain presents a complex solution that remains easy to use at the same time, and you can even set your own goals. It estimates the efficiency and effectiveness of your training based on multiple parameters as you progress through the exercises, while the extensive statistics feature displays 45 charts and 60 parameters to help you get a more thorough overview.

Source: http://pebrain.com/press-release.html