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Polaris-Soft - is a team of software professionals, working on business software development more than 15 years. Our team of senior software engineers is comprised of skilled, experienced problem solvers. The goal of our work is to understand your needs and to produce the high quality software products aimed for growth of your business. We are happy to offer you the ready decisions for comprehensive automation of your company, or produce the unique software that is specially designed for your needs. Our team is experienced in design of corporative databases, sales analysis and prediction software, web-sites design, including web-shops, statistical data analysis.

Программы разработчика


Планировщик задач для Firebird, позволяющий выполнять SQL запросы по расписанию

Windows | 1.0 | 06 October 2011


Утилита для создания резервных копий и восстановления баз данных Firebird.

Windows | 1.0.1 | 14 December 2010


Программа для тестирования соединения с сервером Firebird

Windows | 0.9 | 18 January 2011