S2 Services Releases Version 2.0.0 of Savvy DOCX Recovery

Пресса: Savvy DOCX Recovery

Издатель: S2 Services

Today, S2 Services is releasing version 2.0.0 of its popular open source Savvy DOCX Recovery. The program works by first repairing the zip structure and then repairing constituent XML subfiles, especially the document.xml file where all the text of a DOCX file is stored. The program then rezips what is recoverable and attempts to open the repaired file. The results are often effective and quick. The program goes through 4 progressively simpler algorithms to open the file. Failing the first ones it tries to open the file with simpler means. This new version performs precise surgery on the document.xml subfile of DOCX files showing "Unspecified" and "end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag" errors, allowing these to open with minimal or no text loss. Other types of corrupt Word files errors are attacked using first the recover command of the command line program, xmllint. If this doesn"t work the corrupt XML subfiles are truncated at the first XML error and rezipped. Finally if that doesn"t work, the text is attempted to be extracted by using SilverCoder"s DocToText. A new emphasis on prevention is taken by having prominent buttons for accessing Hotfixes and Service Packs which will prevent many types of Word document corruption from occurring in the future. Additionally, the alternatives menu has been enlarged in this version.

Source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/quickwordrecovr/