4dots Software Releases Free Video Tool That Can Compress Video Size While Retaining Quality

Пресса: Simple Video Compressor

Издатель: 4dots Software

4dots Software Releases Free Video Tool That Can Compress Video Size While Retaining Quality (London, January 11, 2018) - 4dots Software released a new free video software application called "Simple Video Compressor" that can compress video size enormously while retaining quality. It can reduce video file size with a right mouse click in the File Explorer. Product Webpage : http://www.4dots-software.com/simple-video-compressor/ Download Link : http://www.4dots-software.com/downloads/SimpleVideoCompressorSetup.exe In order to compress large video files this free video size reducer program can be used to compress video file and save lots of disk space, money and time. For example, a video file is too large and it is necessary to compress video for web because the user wants to publish it to video sharing sites or he wants to reduce size of MP4 videos captured with his Android or iPhone. Many times the video will not get accepted if it is too large, or it will take much bandwidth and time to upload it and also he will have to wait much time for the site to process this big video file. With Simple Video Compressor the user can freely compress mp4, compress mov file, compress avi. compress mts and can also compress most known video formats. This can reduce video file size and therefore he will be able to write more of his favorite videos on his hard drive. Also it can compress a movie to fit on a dvd. Simple Video Compressor has no input file size limits, convenient output presets where the user can determine the compression level and also is able to change the video size. Moreover, it accepts any video resolution as input and almost any input video format. Simple Video Compressor is unique because it can be integrated into Windows Explorer and the user can easily compress video size with a simple right mouse click in Windows Explorer ! Simple Video Compressor can make efficient batch processing and batch compress many videos and also the user can import batch lists of videos from Text Files, CSV Files, Excel Files. User"s privacy is ensured because it is an offline compressor. The application supports drag and drop, has an in-built player and is multilingual and translated into more than 39 languages. About 4dots Software At 4dots Software we are devoted to providing innovative and efficient software applications. We have developed more than thirty free and paid software applications in the areas of video, audio, pdf, password recovery, file management, graphics, web design, system, desktop, and localization software. To know more, please visit: http://www.4dots-software.com Product catalog: http://www.4dots-software.com/downloads/4dots-Software-PRODUCT-CATALOG.pdf Download link: http://www.4dots-software.com/downloads/SimpleVideoCompressorSetup.exe For media inquiries: Alexander Triantafyllou Email: info@4dots-software.com Website: http://www.4dots-software.com

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