Soft4Boost Introduces New Audio Mixing Software

Пресса: Soft4Boost Audio Mixer

Издатель: Sorentio Systems Ltd.

Soft4Boost, a group of like-minded programmers from different countries recently released new software application known as Soft4Boost Audio Mixer. New features include a mixing interface and audio effects, provide better solution for users to get quality audio files.

Soft4Boost Audio Mixer satisfies users every need to create music mix file. Whatever it is: a song, a piece of music, a speech in a movie, or a fun clip, a funny sound, or even a human voice or any audio file, all can be used to create a new and unique audio mix. The graphical mixer gives users the convenience of keeping their tracks and mixing separate. Due to complete support for Core 2 Duo, Dual Core and Hyper-Threading technologies, Soft4Boost Audio Mixer works blazingly fast, and the bullet-proof stability guarantees reliable and effortless audio mastering.

Major efforts were also made toward improving the effects capabilities offered within Soft4Boost Audio Mixer. The effect chain now lets users adjust each effect"s parameters or apply preset settings, and to preview any combination of effects before applying them to the project.

In addition to these features Soft4Boost Audio Mixer has the interface, which available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Turkish and Hungarian.

Soft4Boost Audio Mixer is an integral part of Soft4Boost software suite. Purchase of Audio Mixer provides access to all tools under Soft4Boost brand.