Stimulsoft Company Releases First Version of Stimulsoft Reports Server

Пресса: Stimulsoft Reports Server

Издатель: Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft Company Releases First Version of Stimulsoft Reports Server

Stimulsoft Company, a leading developer of software for data processing and analysis announces the release of a new product - Stimulsoft Reports Server. This is a client-server system that facilitates easy and effective completion of a full cycle of work with reports, from their design and rendering to displaying results for presentation.

Stimulsoft Reports Server"s design is founded on "client-server" computing architecture. It is based on the interaction of multiple clients with the server. The client provides data visualization and user interface, and the server provides data processing, storing and transferring of the necessary information to the client application.

"Stimulsoft Reports Server has some advantages over other report servers," says Andrew Savin, the commercial director of Stimulsoft. "Among them are modest system requirements, the ability to visualize the report server, flexible licensing system and intuitive interface."

Directly from the server interface, the user can create and edit report templates, and render them on the basis of different data sources. Using the powerful scheduler makes it easy to schedule and automate implementation of workflows. Developers of Stimulsoft have not only taken care of the user - the presence of the documented API in the server core makes it easy to integrate functionality of Stimulsoft Reports Server in the infrastructure of an enterprise.

Stimulsoft Reports Server"s basic version involves the installation of the entire server infrastructure internally on the enterprise servers. Using one"s own infrastructure is a good way to prevent overpaying for third-party hardware resources. In an isolated internal corporate environment, the personal enterprise server provides the necessary level of security and data integrity. Stimulsoft Reports Server is easily incorporated into a chain of processing of corporate information by integrating it with existing internal services.


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About Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft is a leading supplier of components for creating reports for the most popular development platforms. Stimulsoft´s customers include many large and small business organizations, government, educational, and non-profit institutions in more than 130 countries worldwide.

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